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June 2022
Jun 09
09 June 2022
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo - VILLEURBANNE (69)

CCO SOS Méditerranée - Villeurbanne (69)

Jun 18
18 June 2022
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo - LYON (69)

Festival Hot Club à LYON (69)

Jun 25
25 June 2022
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo - GIGNY SUR SAÔNE

Fest'Tissage - Gigny-sur-Saône

July 2022
Jul 09
09 July 2022
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo - L'ARBRESLE (69)

Festival de pétanque - L'Arbresle (69)


Nouvel EP "Président" disponible depuis décembre 2021 avec les titres :
-Président remix par Bosq
-Canette remix par Voilaaa Sound System
-Le Pornographe
Reprise de "Le Pornographe" de Georges Brassens annonçant le prochain EP pour fin 2021
Dernier album “Hymne à la vie” disponible depuis le 28 Mai 2021 (Heavenly Sweetness)


Inspecting the packaging from all angles is useless, the precise composition is not mentioned anywhere. No ingredient list, no percentage, no grammage.

Just a mention “Made from natural musical elements collected in Africa and South America”.

Yet, through its cardboard, the Super Mojo radiates both mystical and supernatural powers that are attributed to it !

Developed by Pat Kalla, the voice of Voilaaa, le Super Mojo est un philtre musical alliant les vertues bienfaitrices du highlife, de l’afrobeat ou de la cumbia, qu’il associe à la puissance du funk, à la suavité de la soul et à la force hautement dansante des synthés de l’afro-disco. Concentré de références, il mixe culture africaine et chanson française pour redonner vie aux jambes les plus ankylosées.

The Super Mojo gives dancers lost vitality !

Elixir miracle to a thousand and one properties, its benefits of youth are no longer to be demonstrated. Why? Because Pat Kalla is also a storyteller! Skilled in the handling of language, he has no equal to reveal the very essence of emotions.

The Super Mojo warms the heart and frees it from all that clutters it!

Prodigiously sarcastic, his pronounced taste for humour, imagery and second degree make it a guaranteed product without any confrontation or destructive frontal attack.

The Super Mojo awakes consciences!

The Super Mojo is the organic breathing of instruments that have been confined to their covers for too long. Snoring bass, keyboards and brass that mark the way to the dance floors that open up in each piece.

It is a poetic imagination, it is sharing that becomes the rule. Doors that become impossible to close, inside and out that trade, exchange and give.

Conditioned in fourteen tracks by Guts, it contains the science of arrangement and the experience of the studio distilled by the dj-producer-beatmaker.

It’s heat that spreads, smiles that appear, colors that burst.

The Super Mojo is a hymn to life.

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